Spike Club

Spike Club

Our Builders Association federation (NAHB, PBA, HBA) celebrates Members who show their love & loyalty by recruiting and helping to retain other Members.

Each new Membership and retention action is rewarded with “Spike” credits – a point system designed to acknowledge our most loyal Members. Once a Member has earned 6.00 credits, they enter into the prestigious Spike Club

A Life Spike Member is any Member with 25.00 or more Spike credits.

(25.00 or more Spike credits)

    • Bill Mulhern
    • Walter Greth
    • Kert Sloan
    • Larry Kehres
    • Lavern Horning
    • Kevin Kozo
    • Beth Hahn
    • Don Moll
    • Dave Gallen
    • John Carabello

(6.00 to 24.99 Spike credits)

    • Scott Moyer
    • Edward F. Anewalt
    • Lou Fromm
    • Rich Dodson
    • Cathy Sloan
    • Tony Gentile
    • Patrick Dolan
    • Allen Henn
  • Gregg Bogia