Government Affairs Committee


Many Members argue that the Government Affairs (GA) Committee is the most important thing that the HBA does. The purpose for associating, and the Home Builders Association, they would argue, is to defend the construction industry from governmental attack and encroachment.

One unarguable fact is that the HBA of Berks County was founded in 1957 for Members to band together for Government Affairs.


Are you a political wonk? Is your drug of choice the news of the day? Do you watch the news while you are getting dressed in the morning or while eating dinner? Do you listen to talk radio? Are the Sunday morning pundits and weekday talking heads part of your daily routine?

If you are tuned in, whether it is a new passion of yours, or something you have done all of your life, the GA Committee is your home. Welcome.


All Committees are the work horses of the HBA. On a Committee, you brainstorm, research, debate, present, and find ways to improve the HBA. What do the Members want? What will add to the Value of Membership? Start with: What do you want?

On the GA Committee, you will help organize political debates, legislative luncheons, and fundraisers (like the HBA’s world-famous Lobsterfest).

You will represent the HBA at candidate fundraisers and on trips to Capitol Hill (both Harrisburg and / or Washington, D.C.). You will hand politicians the HBA Political Action Committee (PAC) check and thank them for their support of our industry.


Quarterly. Committee Members have varying levels of activity; but, all are more politically involved than the average citizen. Thus, they attend a number of functions outside the meetings, especially during election season.

The entire GA Committee has not all been present at a meeting together in many years. So, as much as we would love to tell you that the meetings are important (and they are!), what’s more important is that the politically astute in the industry are part of GA.

Don’t stay away because you can’t make a few meetings. That matters a lot more on other Committees than it does on GA.


Once agreed upon by majority vote at the Committee level, a representative of the Committee recommends action items to the HBA Board of Directors for the Board to make a final decision.

Committees have no authority on their own. They cannot bind the association, decide action, or vary direction. Committees serve the Board of Directors.


It is hard to argue the political power of the HBA. What’s more, PBA’s PA Committee for Affordable Housing PAC (PaCAH) and NAHB’s BuildPAC are two of the most influential PACs on their respective Capitol Hills.

Who will wield that power for the good of our industry? Will you?

If you do not stand for something, you will fall for anything. Will you take a stand? Will you be our politician’s connection to back home? When they think of the citizens back in Berks, will they see your face in their mind’s eye?

You can make a difference!


We want you to be involved! We have been waiting for you to raise your hand. Say the word and you are on the team.

Call, Email, Fax, Stop by the office, Send staff a letter…. Do it anyway you want, just Contact Us so we can help get you started.